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Miss Venera Story

We couldn't find lingerie of one of our favorite European brands in the US, so we decided to import it for ourselves, and of course for you ;) . Our store exclusively sells Milavitsa products imported directly from the factory in Europe. Discover our stunning and sensual Milavitsa bras and panties today.

The Miss Venera Mission

Every woman deserves to feel herself as a charming goddess of love and beauty and there is no better name for our store as Miss Venera. Who is Venera? Venera is another form of name Venus. And Venus is a famous goddess of love and beauty, sex and desire.

Feel yourself desirable and sexual, beautiful and feminine, full of passion and love while wearing our gorgeous lingerie.

Milavitsa Brand

Our store exclusively sells Milavitsa lingerie imported directly from the Milavitsa factory, located in Europe.

Milavitsa is Europe’s largest lingerie sewing factory established in 1908. The factory creates over 9 million lingerie pieces per year. As Eastern Europe’s leading lingerie brand and the most recognized brand in the world, Milavitsa creates and launches new products every month ensuring women around the world would always have something beautiful and seductive to wear.

Milavitsa Store

Why Choose Our Lingerie?

Every piece in the Milavitsa lingerie collection is hand sewn with only the finest fabrics available and offers excellent fit and form and is offered in a wide range of sizes to fit every shape. Our collection has a variety of gorgeous and charming, elegant and delicate, sensual and classic lingerie that would perfectly fit you.

Milavitsa lingerie is known for their high quality, original designs and attention to fit and fabric, styling and craftsmanship. Milavitsa apparel deserves a place in every woman’s wardrobe. Find a style that suits you today.

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